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Intro to diet, nutrition and weight loss
by Marcelle Pick, OB/GYN NP

Without a doubt, eating well and having optimal nutrition is the number-one strategy for creating lifelong health, regardless of your starting point. You may be highly conscientious and diligent about your diet, or you may be in despair about your nutrition and miles from reaching your goal. Or, you may be “good” one day then wobble or fall down the next. Whatever the case, this section of our site is all about how to make nutrition and eating well the cornerstone to your health foundation.
As much as my patients know they should eat well, the concern that looms largest for them is their weight. Whatever their age and station, most women care deeply about what they look like. It is unfortunate, but in the minds of many, their figure is not their friend! As a consequence, women “do battle” with their weight, adopting any number of extreme and unhealthy patterns over the course of their lifetime to keep things “in check.”
From my point of view, the first thing a woman must do instead is befriend her body. The next hurdle women must overcome is the “calories-in, calories-out” myth. When a woman struggles with issues of weight gain or body image, she intuitively knows that something is wrong with this equation. It is just not that simple, and the fact is, the most effective strategy is not a battle of willpower, but all about self-care and homeostasis.
When it comes to diet, nutrition, and weight loss, it is so much more important to look at the whole picture. Some of the many components that affect your overall weight and wellbeing include thyroid health, adrenal health, the lymphatic/immune system, toxicities, serotonin imbalance, insulin resistance, and levels of bioavailable vitamin D in your system — to name just a few!
Tips for Personal Program Success
Timing is everything. Take your first packet of nutrients with your breakfast, when your body can best metabolize the rich ingredients and benefit from the energizing boost they provide.
At Women to Women we have spent years developing our perspective on the subject of diet, nutrition and weight loss. But despite the many angles to this complex picture, there is just one simple rule: you must first balance your hormones and create a foundation of health in order to lose unwanted pounds and retain your health and well-being.
So whether you are interested in optimizing your health through nutrition and lifestyle, or you want to learn how to regulate your weight without compromising your health in the process, we offer the many articles listed below as a guide. We hope you will read over the material, then decide for yourself if Women to Women’s Personal Program rings true for you.

Natural weight loss
A holistic approach that’s healthy, effective and lasting
by Marcelle Pick, OB/GYN NP

Over the years I’m sure I’ve lost over 100 pounds — the same 10 pounds ten times! And my patients tell me the same thing.
On any given day about half of all American women (and girls) are on a diet. We spend over $40 billion on diets and weight loss products. But 65% of us are still significantly overweight, and the failure rate of the fad diets and the diet chains (Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig included) is over 97%.
Clearly there are powerful factors that push us toward weight gain and all its related health problems. But the equally important question is, why, even with dieting, can’t women lose weight?
I’ve worked as hard on this issue as on any other medical question in my 27 years of practice. And I think I finally have discovered a way to unravel the knot of issues that work together to produce weight gain and resist weight loss.
Before we explore Women to Women’s approach to weight loss, let me emphasize one vital point. You must restore your health and hormonal balance before you try to lose weight. Think of it as getting healthy from the inside out. Only once you’re in balance can you lose weight and keep it off.
There is a series of steps that will lead you to lasting, healthy weight loss. It involves both emotional and physical factors. Let’s go through them together.
Women to Women’s approach to weight loss
Creating a healthy, lean body depends on how well each individual woman’s body copes with the demands made on it. This is highly individual: what works for you may not work for your friend, but the important thing is that you understand what works for you.
Tips for Personal Program Success
Clear out temptations. To jump-start your new eating plan, go through your kitchen and pantry and toss all the processed and unhealthy foods. At the least, rearrange your foods into different cabinets, so you can't reach for "bad" things so easily out of habit.
To understand this, you need to know that almost every major system in your body relates to your metabolism and your ability to lose weight and keep it off, specifically your central nervous, limbic, thyroid, neurotransmitter, endocrine, digestive and immune systems. Parts of your metabolic blueprint are genetically predisposed or formed in utero, while others are highly influenced by your nutrition, emotional state, stress level and lifestyle.
So this means you need to get healthy on all these levels before you can lose those stubborn pounds.
Think of it this way. Let’s say your body is like a garden and weight loss is the precious rose plant you’ve been cultivating that just won’t bloom. You’ve sprayed it and pruned it and applied Miracle-Gro, and even though you’ve seen a few buds, the darned thing still won’t blossom — in fact, it’s withering. Then one day you read a book about organic gardening and you begin to pay more attention to the whole plant, not just its flower.
You rule out the simplest stresses (Not enough light? Disease? Pests?). You stop treating it with artificial chemicals and take note of the unique aspects of your garden. You then add customized support: enriching the soil with nutrients, adjusting the quantity of water, mulching the roots. If the problems are more severe, you call a professional gardener for help. Eventually, your plant is brimming with health. It feels safe and nurtured and robust. Then one day, lo and behold, it blooms with abandon — and does so reliably year after year if you keep up the same measures of care.
So treat yourself like that precious rose and begin to pay some loving attention. The first place to start is your expectations, including your self-image — because no matter how much someone tells it to, a red rose can’t naturally bloom yellow... and shouldn’t have to!

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